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Birthday and Last Treatment Vlog

Thank you all for watching the vlog and for all your love and support.  More vlogs coming soon! :)  Have a beautiful weekend!
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Faith Hope Love

It’s been a long, emotional and challenging year of treatments. After completing surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and 18 rounds of Herceptin, I am finally finished. I only have five years of hormone therapy to do and the side effects are very stressful and annoying but I’m going to try and figure out ways to minimize them.  It has been so hard. So difficult. Very emotional and a challenging year. I feel I don’t even know how to function without thinking about infusions and results and appointments. I only have follow up appointments and yearly check-ups.  Sometimes I stop and think what just happened?  I am so grateful that I’m here and I’m trying to appreciate each moment without drowning in the emotions that I dwelled in the past year. It’s hard to move forward, but with faith in God and focus on love and family my heart  ♥️  is full and hope is here.  Hope and positivity for the future. One day at a time.  Thank you all for being here for me and being a part of my journey.  Thank yo

Bridgerton Inspired Free Paper Downloads

  I've been loving Bridgerton Part II. I love all the acting, the costumes, hair, makeup and flowers. All the details are perfection in my opinion. Have you watched Bridgerton? I actually like Part II better than Part I and I look forward to the next season. I felt super inspired that I created a few paper goodies to share with you. I created these on CANVA. You can download these goodies for free and enjoy them.  This is perfect for a journal entry or to write a letter to a friend. Even turn this into a party invitation.  Lady Whistledown's Society Paper  Inspired Stationary Download Here Bridgerton Inspired Bookmark Download Here  I hope you enjoy the paper goodies.  I hope you are all well and thank you for your comments.  Enjoy!  

New Eco Friendly Skincare And Beauty

 I kindly received the #ChickadvisorEcoBox and I'm so grateful because I really love everything.  I wanted to share it with you because I feel these products are so amazing.  The products that I kindly received are pHisoderm facewash,  Yesto eyecream, Clean Beauty Collective Fragrance Radiant Nectar, Rimmel London Kind And Free Mascara, Clarins micellar water. This fragrance is so Fresh and at the same time has  musk notes. So beautiful and I love it as much as I love my happy clinique fragrance.  A fantastic micellar water. I use this to remove makeup and also to refresh the skin before bed. so wonderful. Clarins is my number one love.  Yesto eye cream is so lovely. Soft, gentle and super hydrating. I really love the packaging it is easy to pump the product out. A very lovely brand.  I wish I would of known about this brand when I was doing chemo because this product is not scented and very very gentle on the skin. It's a creamy consistency and very soothing and hydrating.  I&

April Free Stationary

  Hello APRIL! I love writing letters to friends do you?  Here is the April Stationary that I created on CANVA.  Enjoy! FREE STATIONARY 

The Last Party! Paint Party Friday

The week started slow but It headed toward the right direction. I made watercolour art, created junk journaling, abstract art and I even made rubber stamps. I've created a Notion account so I can research topics that I'm interested in. Is it weird that I enjoy research? lol  So far I'm learning about Zines, Rubber Stamps and Art History.  Here is the Zine I made. View this post on Instagram A post shared by 𝑀𝒢𝓇𝒾𝒢 (@bestdayblogger) I wanted to say thank you to Paint Party Friday, I will miss sharing art with other amazing artists.  A huge thank you again to Eva and Kristin for being amazing Hosts.     I am still participating with #The100dayProject,  I post on IG Daily.  If you like to follow it would be so wonderful to see you over there. @bestdayblogger Have a lovely weekend my friends! Thank you so much! Poetry Book   |  Youtube  

Paint Party Friday! PPF CELEBRATES 11 YEARS!

  PAINT PARTY FRIDAY CELEBRATES 11 YEARS! Thank you Eva and Kristin for running Paint Party Friday for 11 years! This is truly remarkable, inspirational and amazing. I am grateful for PPF because I have learned so much from other artist and the community is so supportive and wonderful. Truly inspirational place to share art and receive love.  Thank you so much for everything.  I will miss you all so much! It snowed this week in Toronto. This week I've been creating art everyday for the #100DayChallenge and I am very proud of my self. I am enjoying the process and learning to let go and have fun. It feels good to create and find inspiration.  I'm truly grateful.  I wanted to say thank you for all your love and support in my previous post. I appreciate all your comments and love.  Mixed Media  Layering and adding various pieces of paper on the page is so much fun.  This piece is  GRATITUDE for Life I used paints, markers, crayons and paper. Journaling in my favourite bullet journ