Saturday, March 4, 2023

Weekly Vlog Worried and Biopsy?

Here is my weekly vlog and in my journal I wrote this....

In the winter I appreciate the small things, the little things like snow falling, bare branches, ice blocking the sound of water flowing, branches hitting each other like swords.  

These small details have beauty, as things are frozen beauty flows beneath. 

Ice has formed but water still flows and moves underneath. 

Ice forms on branches and the sun shines through giving them a glow. 

The sun shines on the snow making the snow glitter. 

Cold air fills my lungs and brings me joy and a feeling that I am alive.

As I get older I have slowed down and I am very grateful for each day. 

I look at nature and see more detail. I observe more and feel more than ever. 

I have so much Appreciation and gratitude for my surroundings and life. 

Life bursts with beauty and vitality. 

Thank you 🙏 

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