Sunday, January 30, 2022

January Poem







Paw prints on snow 

Sparkly snow

Blue sky

Wind chill

Skin burns

Stand still

Look Up

Snow is falling!

Excerpt From: Maria Medeiros. “Truth.” iBooks. 

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Dear January...

Dear January I really enjoyed your changes and challenges. From lockdowns to snowstorms you are still amazing and beautiful. I see beauty in everything. Even in the challenges.

 Embracing everything and letting it soak in and move through me. 

I am grateful and full of gratitude.

 I don't feel bad expressing how I feel. I feel amazing being very honest and real about my feelings.

 January, thank you for everything.

 I'm ready to say goodbye to you but I will see you again, but before I go I will share a poem that I've written for you.

Cold January Day

Today is a cold January day

The sky is bright blue

The sun is golden 

The cold creeps through the window panes

I sit by the fire’s glorious heat

Warming the tip of my nose to my feet

A cup of tea and a book on a blanket is my sweet retreat!

Excerpt From: Maria Medeiros. “Truth.” iBooks. 

Thank you

Welcome To The Beautiful Fantastic Blog!


Hello! Welcome to my blog! I'm so happy you are here. My name is Maria Medeiros and I live in Toronto. I have a loving husband and two beautiful girls and two blue bi-coloured male cats. They are trouble so don't let their cuteness trick you. I named this blog after my favourite film, I love it so much. 

I have moved from my Wordpress blog to blogger because after so many years of blogging my storage on wordpress is full. It's also expensive and I'm not able to pay the fee. 

I'm really excited for this new journey. I hope you join me.  If you would like to catch up on what's been happening with me and my health, feel free to view my videos on my cancer journey here: My Cancer Journey.  It's been a crazy year and I would like to ask the universe for some positive, beautiful fantastic changes. Amen to that! 

The plan for this blog is to share things I love, things that make me happy and things I really enjoy. I'm going to share my ideas and feelings. I'm going to create and express and share my art, food, poetry, makeup, skincare and photography. I'm also going to include books and crafts. A little bit of everything. I am very excited and look forward to this beautiful fantastic journey!

Things I'm working on...

I have started working on my second poetry book.  

My first poetry book is available to purchase here: 


I am working on a knitting project! I taught my self to do the basic knitting with a youtube video and so far this is the progress: 

Things I've been loving...
Painting, knitting, photography and reading. 

I would like to thank you for reading this blog post and for being here. Thank you for all your love and support and I look forward to writing more and sharing some love and positivity with you all. 
Gratitude is the key to life!  
Thank you,
much love,

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