Monday, April 10, 2023

Happy Spring! Joyful April!


Hello my wonderful friends! I hope you are all well. Spring has arrived on PEI! The temperature has reached in the plus zone and the sun is out. The sun is out longer and I am so excited!
This month we celebrate three birthdays in our home. My husband's, my daughter's and my birthday. It's a busy month. We already celebrated my husband's B-day and next is my daughters. A lot of cake! :)  

We went and had sushi for my hubby's b-day and it was great. 
We also love this ice cream that tastes like bubblegum. So good. 

This is my new Leuchtturm1917 Planner. I love it! 
I decorated it with stickers. Stickers rock. 
I am really excited to fill this up. Last year I filled up my Leuchtturm journal with so many things like, lists, likes, goals, art, journal entries and collages. This year I chose the bullet journal with thinner pages which I don't mind because they turn out crunchier and have texture, which I love. 

I've abandoned the #100DayProject
But when I do have time I create art and DIY projects.
I think projects and challenges don't work with my lifestyle right now. 
Too much pressure. :)  I am not a fan of pressure. 
Lately I am more of go with the flow kind of person. 

Also don't be hard on your self and
Go with the flow and listen to your mind and body. 

This is the sushi place we went to in Summerside PEI. 
It's okay. I've had better in Toronto.

Reading this...

Decorations for my hubby's Birthday...

Auggie and Ziggy are happy and doing well.
I am reading Anne of Green Gables of course! :) 

Thank you so much to TRIND for the goodies. 
I am truly grateful and my nails are doing so much better with these two products. 

DIY Re-Usable jar into a candle holder or pen holder or brush holder. 
I used pressed flowers from Toronto and fabric paper and glue. It is so lovely. 

This was the last snowfall at the beginning of April. 
The snow is slowly melting and I am so happy. 

I uploaded some shorts and vlogs at the beach! :)


  1. Wonderful and happy post, love it. Happy belated birthday to your hubby! Bubblegum ice sounds like fun! Have agreat week, Maria.
    ,Hugs, Valerie

    1. Hello and thank you Valerie! I appreciate your comment. Thank you so much and have a lovely April!


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