Forest Bathing Healing The Soul

From the moment I walk in the forest the sound of the world changes. 
It's like walking into a world of magic. You really need to not move and sit still if you ever go in the forest., magic, nature and the sounds are so glorious.

The way the trees are planted here it's like a dream,
should I walk to the end of this path?
 I think next time I will walk all the way to the depths of the forest.

surrounding me 
hugging me
the forest feels so right to me
I listened to my breathing
felt connected in so many ways
I wanted to take my shoes off and walk barefoot
I wanted to lay in the stream and embrace the earth
become one with nature

winter has beauty
winter has magic
forests do not sleep in the winter
The forest is still alive

But not this tree
I touched the tree and it felt cold
I looked up and it was dead
Fiona took down a lot of trees 
I hope we plant more trees
If everyone just plants one tree
That would be so amazing.

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