Saying goodbye...

Saying goodbye to October will be bitter sweet. I love October and everything about Autumn. The colours all around me are so beautiful! Orange, yellow,  red and brown. Golden hues everywhere. It’s so beautiful in PEI in the fall. So breathtaking. I took some pictures on the confederation trail. Heaven on Earth!

We are settling nicely in PEI. Love the town we live in. Love the people and nature all around. We are slowly unboxing and putting our items away. What I find challenging is that there are not that many box stores here. We have a couple of grocery stores and a a couple of pharmacies which is good. But if we need a Walmart or Superstore we have to drive 40 min to the closest town. It doesn't bother me though. You can get things delivered which is good. Also internet is a problem until today! we finally got internet. I find everything is more expensive here as well, or maybe that's inflation everywhere. 

We had a lovely thanksgiving dinner. I made roast chicken, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes with brown sugar and marshmallows, carrots and butternut squash soup with bacon bits and onion crisps on top. It made me happy to see my family finish everything on their plates. A blessing and I’m so grateful. 

Because of our move I wasn’t able to create content as much as I wanted to this month, but I need to take it easy on my self and not put so much pressure on always creating. I use to really push my self to create a post everyday in October and video content as well. But a good friend of mine (Ramona) once told me that it’s quality not quantity that matters. I truly agree. 

I’ve met my new oncologist and she is very kind. She said that she’s going to do a few tests to make sure that my estrogen levels haven’t risen and also a bone density test. I will be seeing her in the New Year. 

For the last week of October I plan to bake a little and make some of my family’s favourite treats. I always make candy apples, caramel popcorn and cupcakes. I am going to make some crispy treats and jello cups too. 

I am a little scared of winter coming because I’ve been told by many people how harsh the winters are in PEI. So I’m a little scared. I will keep you posted if I can because bad weather means no internet connection for me. We just have to take it one day at a time.

I finally have internet like I said before and I was able to upload vlogtober week 1. Have a look if you like. I captured a little of Fiona. Thank you all for your wonderful support and love. I appreciate all your comments on all my platforms. Thank you kindly. 

Thank you and I will be uploading vlogtober week 2 this weekend. Thanks again!

Positivity, love and kindness to you all!


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