It feels like a dream! Time went by so fast. We packed up and moved out of the busy city to a small town in PEI. Selling the house was stressful and finding a house even more stressful. Moving has been a whirl-wind of emotions. It’s very emotional to leave familiar surroundings, it's very hard to leave family and friends. We miss everyone so much.

I’m not going to miss the Toronto traffic and overpopulated areas. I’m not going to miss the consistent city noise. The noise pollution was very intense and it was causing many problems to my mental health. Traffic, noise pollution, air pollution, crime, hustle and bustle…not going to miss you! 

Driving over the confederation bridge was breathtaking! It is beautiful here. It takes time to adjust and to get use to a new lifestyle and pace of life. Things move slower here and traffic is less. Local food is amazing. I was worried the first week with the changes but I’m slowly embracing everything. There is beauty all around us here. Farm land, ocean, lighthouses, windmill farms and more. The locals are super nice and friendly. Everyone knows everyone by their name. 

I love the house that we moved into. We are still opening up boxes and are putting things in place. We definitely look forward to personalizing the house to fit our style but overall I am so grateful for the home. 

I was worried how my girls would adjust to new schools and so far things are great. The PEI schools are great. They provide food programs and even pay for student’s school supplies. 

Since we’ve been here we have visited the West Point Lighthouse beach, the potato museum which has amazing food, especially the blueberry bread pudding! So so good! We’ve visited Summerside and Charlottetown. There’s so much to see and do here. The summer attractions are now closed but I am sure there is so much more to do in the Fall. I can’t wait! 

Thank you all for reading my blog post today, I appreciate it. I hope you are all well my friends. 

Much love and positivity!


Moving Vlog Part two...

more coming soon!


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