Autumn 🍂 in PEI


I’ve started writing my new poetry book and It will include photos and art.

If you like my 2022 poetry ebook it's available here:

Poetry Ebook

I’ve written a few new poems inspired by Autumn in PEI.

Autumn in PEI 

The land is golden

Trees rustle

Leaves falling to the ground

Wind has picked up

Cool wind

Crisp air

Birds in the distance scrounging off the farmers land

The sky is full of blue grey clouds

Pumpkins everywhere on the porches and store fronts 

Scarecrows and Farmers Markets 

Open Signs

Small town O’Leary 

Charming little town!

-Maria Medeiros

Autumn in PEI

It’s harvest time 

The potatoes are tumbling into the trucks

The sun shines between the branches 

Leaves turn orange, red and gold

Silhouettes and shadows appear on the ground

Leaves slowly falling

Local markets selling orange pumpkins, mums and corn

The air perfumed by earthy leaves

Crisp breeze

Hot cocoa and some pumpkin pie please!

-Maria Medeiros

I have uploaded two moving vlogs on my Youtube Channel. 
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I kindly won Clarins products from Dave Lackie. I am so grateful. 
Thank you so much Dave Lackie!

I won a lovely basket full of teas from Tetley Tea Canada! 
Thank you so much Tetley Canada!

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